Characters of Character is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization whose mission is to provide a firm foundation for children to establish strong civic values. Visit our website, our Amazon Store and contact me anytime for additional information. Are you looking for an event for your Preschool with a character visit? Are you looking for an After School Program for your students? Would you like to do a Pen Pal activity with one of the characters to reinforce this trait with your child or your students? Lots we can do to teach these award winning Characters of Character. 

Let me know how we can help you!

A new journey we are on is to join the #TagYourCharacter page! The goal is to see how far the character will travel, (like Flat Stanley) who they meet, what they will learn and how they can become a part of the daily language and teach their trait while having fun this summer! There is a file folder on each page which provides you a template to print out and travel with, as well as stationary to write to the characters. They love mail and will write back provided you include a s.a.s.e. for this. Your kids will love to get mail, your students will be kept on their toes waiting to hear from their favorite character, too! Let’s travel together!

#BehaviorBear#Do‘erDuck,  #FriendshipFrog#HealthyHippo#MannersMonkey#RespectfulRabbit#ResponsibleRabbit#SelfesteemElephant and #WarmHeartedWalrus

Remember, a child is listening to you, watching you and wanting to be just like you. Be a role model. and Our books are on Amazon!…/177-3545252-2477204…