Self-Esteem Elephant

Self-Esteem Elephant helps teach a child to be proud of who they are, helping to build confidence in what they can do and is reassuring to a child that we are all unique with different talents/gifts. What is yours?


One night about four years ago, I received a phone call from a young lady named Shelby Hill. She was a Senior in high school and was running for a beauty pageant in Utah. I laughed and said, “oh, I am far from a beauty” as we continued our conversation, she expressed that she was running for Miss Roy Utah and if she won, she was running for Miss America and so on. What Shelby wanted was to use the Characters of Character as her platform, her platform to help teach our children about vital core values. Naturally, she had our support. Shelby went to a number of elementary schools and discussed some of our characters. She also went on to WIN the title of Miss Roy Utah! While she didn’t win the title of Miss America, she went on to do some pretty amazing work, such as being a Missionary, got married and is now a new mommy. We are proud of who she is. A true beauty inside and out. Her gift is helping others, that is something to be proud of indeed.

Meet Self-Esteem Elephant!

Self-Esteem Elephant teaches children that it is important to be proud of your accomplishments. Be proud of who you are and what you are good at, that is called a talent or a gift. Encourage them with this talent, but, teach them that nobody likes a ‘bragger’. Instead, discuss with them how lucky or special they are to have this talent, and to share it with others.

One way to engage children, students and family members about what it means to have self esteem is to discus their talents, and the talents of others.

Something that I am good at is…..

  1. I am good at dancing.
  2. I am good at reading and writing.
  3. I am good at riding my bike.
  4. I am good at helping my mom.

Something that my friend is good at is…

  1. They can draw really well.
  2. They can throw a ball far.
  3. They make me laugh.
  4. They can sing really well.

Be sure to emphasize that just because you are not as talented as a friend, you can still do plenty of things together. Perhaps they can teach one another about their own special talent. If we don’t try, we won’t know and we won’t learn.

When I visited a fourth and fifth grade classroom, the students discussed what they were really good at. Now, because they were in school, they thought that they had to be good at reading or math. I shared that you may be good at a sport, an instrument, etc.think about something that you are good at, something that you enjoy doing, that you enjoy learning more about and at the end of the discussion they had learned so much more about their peers.

The Characters of Character has resources to help you with this lesson of teaching self-esteem. Visit

Self-Esteem Elephant Resource Book on Amazon  also available is a great Bulletin Board Book with Posters and a fun story called Let’s Be Proud starring Self-Esteem Elephant.

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As an educator, this activity was really rewarding on so many levels for me. The kids made a necklace of Self-Esteem Elephant, colored the character on one side, and on the other side they had write what they are most proud about of themselves.


Making a paper bag puppet is not only easy, but, it’s a lot of fun for kids and an opportunity for them to be creative and use their imaginations with this ! Paper Bag Puppets of each of the Characters of Character is available on Amazon.

I feel that it is important to teach a child to be confident. One of my students didn’t like to talk because he had a speech impediment, so, I found out what he liked, we had a discussion about it and before you know it he shared it with the class!

Remember to be a role model for our children, they are listening to our conversations, they are watching our actions, and they most likely want to be just like you! Help them to be the best they can be.

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     SelfesteemPencil SelfesteemPencil self_esteem_elephant_coloring_page

Use the coloring page as a sticker chart or as a journal cover. Write the child’s name on the pencil, discuss what it means to have self-esteem, let them color the page. Display as a sticker chart, or use for a journal cover, makes a wonderful visual reminder!

Make a classroom traveling book, or a family traveling book and be sure to share your stories with us!

Love, The Characters of Character and Joni