Painting with Your Child Opens Door of Communication

Text Books and Life Skills

So many times you may make yourself crazy thinking of new activities to do with your child(ren). Think no more! If you know me, you already know that I spent years on the school Reading Team and took those years and used that knowledge while creating the books for the Characters of Character. This past year I took it a step further! I hosted fun Mommy & Me Painting Classes. This activity brought together the child and their mama to listen to a short story and discussion on the character trait. Then, we painted the character on canvas! Working together the child and adult got to make a memory and a masterpiece, not to mention a visual reminder to have good character. Bonus, Art work for the home!

Spending time with your children is important, put down the phone, the book, the paper and talk with them, get creative with them and let them use their imagination, and let them know that you also have an imagination, too! Before you know it they are playing on their own, making play dates and participating in other activities without you. Something so fun and simple can be done with your little ones at any age and as they continue to grow and find an interest in painting, you will find classes in your own community that you can both continue to participate in.

What will you get out of this activity?


Some helpful tips while painting that I learned while teaching:

  1. I Always add a drop of soap into the paint, it helps wash off easier on little hands and clothes
  2. Save your empty egg cartons, cut them into portions to put paint in, then throw away when done.
  3. If you have paints left, put them in a zip lock baggie to help keep it fresh.
  4. To make the perfect polka dot, use the eraser on a pencil, make sure it’s flat.
  5. RELAX, have fun with this activity, you’re now building literacy and communication skills, fine motor skills, imagination and a fond memory with your child. Not to mention a masterpiece!
  6. You can paint on canvas or a sturdy paper which can be found at a local hobby store or even Walmart.
  7. Hold the paint brush like you would a pencil, press to hard, press to light, let the child try their technique, as time goes on they will become more comfortable with the brush.
  8. DISPLAY the art work, remember, you don’t have to save and display every piece of art, change it out now and again, but, keep it visible for the child to see.
  9. Always praise their work, it might not turn out the way you wanted it, but, it is a masterpiece by little hands.
  10. I draw the subject on the canvas in pencil, you can also do it in permanent marker in the beginning and let the child fill in the colors, they will want to outline the subject matter in no time.
  11. You may want to use a hairdryer to dry the paint if there are puddles, try to explain to spread the paint out so that there are no puddles.


Joni Downey,
Creator & Owner