September is Children's Good Manners Month

Good Manners

September is Children’s Good Manners Month. Who would have thought we’d name a month to represent good manners? I mean really, when I was growing up there were only a few months that you knew had something special going on. Now, we have Children’s Good Manners Month, and I know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month. I guess it’s a good thing to bring awareness to the topic as it seems at times that society is lacking such values which in turn reflects our children. Once again, the children are listening to what you say, they are watching what you do and most likely will want to be just like you when you grow up, therefore, YOU are the role model and need to aware of the choices you make so that your own child(ren) follow in your foot steps.

Here are some easy steps to display good manners in your home:

  1. Use polite words, like please and thank you
  2. Use eye contact when talking with your child(ren)
  3. Communicate clearly to your child(ren)
  4. Be polite. your child(ren) will pick up on this
  5. Be polite when talking to others
  6. Be polite when talking on the phone
  7. Be polite when you meet new people
  8. Be polite to your spouse and your pets

These are things you may think that you already do, or you may think, why? Well, what can you expect from your child when you are a role model and you yourself have good manners? First, they will pick up on your mannerisms and respect you for having good manners. What a child is learning inside the home will reflect their behaviors outside of the home. Just think, when your child is ready to start school or outside activities they will have a great foundation to learn and grow with.

These are some qualities you can expect your child(ren) to display because they have manners:
  1. Having Manners will build confidence
  2. Having Manners will build concern for others
  3. Having Manners will help build social skills
  4. Having Manners builds pride and selfesteem
  5. Having Manners sounds nice in conversations
  6. Having Manners also attracts others with the same
  7. Having Manners earns respect from peers
  8. Having Manners makes a good first impression
  9. Having Manners is a stepping stone to other character traits
  10. Having Manners is a foundation to building good leadership

Just think, how many times have you said after you give your child something, “what do you say?” Waiting for them to say thank you, or you’re welcome will become habit and become music to your ears. The more we teach our children these vital core values, the more they will internalize and utilize these traits through their lives, building good character and a better citizen to help create a better world.

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I myself am a visual person, so, with our Bulletin Board and Poster Displays Books,  you can remind yourself and your children about these values. The Bulletin Boards are reproducible projects so you engage your children in these activities to not only teach them, but them remind them as you build a bulletin board on a wall, door or bulletin board!

The picture of Manners Monkey and Self-Esteem Elephant with this beautiful woman who ran for Miss Utah got to visit them in Utah. Miss Roy Utah used Manners Monkey as a visual to help teach your girls about manners through a fun tea party and other activities!

The other picture of the little girl giving a hug to Manners Monkey at a work picnic. The Characters also got the opportunity to meet the families at the Chicago Land Kids Expo. Here is where parents actually came up to thank us for what we are doing. That is what it is all about, to be appreciated and acknowledged for doing something good just puts a little bounce in your step! Remember to praise your child(ren) when they have good character, use their manners and are just amazing through out the day and night!

There are many ways you can teach a child to use good manners, through books and literacy, through music and song, through art, through communicating and also by being a role model for them. When you use good manners, you have good character!

What is the old cliché’, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin,

These my friends, are words to live by.


Joni Downey,
Creator & Owner