A Recipe For Good Behavior

Text Books and Life Skills

Think about your favorite recipe, and what are the key ingredients? While teaching our children about good behavior, this is a nice activity to engage them and to learn about what it means to have good behavior. If you can draw, try drawing a large mixing bowl, if not, find an actual mixing bowl for this activity. I’ll be posting eight more like this to help teach vital core values to children. More things you will need for this are a spoon, scrap paper and a writing tool. As a parent, I like to read a stories to children, it helps them in so many ways; literacy, communication, imagination and writing. Find a story from your childhood or a new book to read about friendship. One of my favorites of course is Let’s Behave starring Behavior Bear.

This past summer I was an exhibitor at a local Author Festival and a dad walked by, he spotted this book and said, “That is exactly what I am looking for, for my daughter”, he purchased the book and I autographed it to his little girl who at first glance seemed to love the book. Although, who doesn’t love a furry, fun bear?

You’ll need to discuss what it means to have good behavior and how to behave, it sounds rather generic, but, when your child knows limits, has guidelines and has an explanation, they are sure to grow and learn.. Helping your child understand the meaning of good behavior is important as they will make friends and choices all through their life, and much like us, we will make new friends and keep the old and learn which friends are true to our souls. As a young child we know kids love unconditionally and make friends easily, so, introduce them to friends whom you feel will be a match for your child. Finding common interests in a person is a good place to start. Is your child in any activities? Here you may find a match for a friendship.If your child is in preschool or a day school, perhaps volunteer now and then to meet the children in the classroom. While my own children are adults, I noticed that there are a lot of play groups available, through churches, social networks and even the libraries. If you can’t find one, maybe you can make one?

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Some tips on teaching a child about good behavior, remember that their are rules at home and at school. Rules to live by:

  1. Discuss with your children what you expect of them at home and at school
  2. Express that they need to be good listeners and to follow the rules
  3. When you think about it, rules are pretty simple, listen to the speaker, keep your hands to yourself
  4. Be respectful of others
  5. Be confident, ask questions if you are not sure about something
  6. Be kind, share with others
  7. Be mindful, help others
  8. Be polite, use an inside voice
  9. Be aware, pay attention to your surroundings, safety first
  10. BEHAVE

There will be situations that arise during the day, and even at different locations, but, when you address them with patience and explanation, your children will listen and learn from you. This builds trust, builds communication, builds respect and mostly it will build good behavior in your children.

The reason I kept in some of the recent article about a Recipe For Friendship is because we become who are friends are many times. When a child isn’t confident, or doesn’t have the guidance of what good behavior looks, sounds and feels like, they will probably mimic their friends or others. Does your child’s friend seem to get negative attention, or get into situations you wouldn’t like your child to be in? By teaching your child what good behavior is will empower their choices and their character.

What is the old cliché’, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin, I feel these words are powerful and so very true to form.

The Holiday season has made it’s debut, we hope when you shop you’ll think of us, too! A % of your shopping will be donated back to our organization.
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Joni Downey,
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