Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

  1. Bring your good manners to the table, use polite words. (Manners Monkey)
  2. Be respectful of conversations, don’t talk politics, sex or religion. (Respectful Rabbit)
  3. Be a friend to a new face, and be friendly to those who join the day. (Friendship Frog)
  4. Make healthy choices, don’t overdo it. (Healthy Hippo)
  5. Be responsible for your food and alcohol intake. (Responsible Rabbit)
  6. Don’t try too hard, be yourself, enjoy the day and persevere in good character. (Do’er Duck)
  7. Behave yourself, it’s that easy! You’ll want to be invited back again. (Behavior Bear)
  8. Be kind to everyone you meet, put a smile on and enjoy the day. (Warm-Hearted walrus)
  9. Be proud of yourself, you’ll make it through, make it a good day. (Self-Esteem Elephant)

Remember, it’s only one day out of the year, count your blessing, be grateful, be thankful and be of good character. Orange Flower Table Setting More

Why reinvent the wheel? I found this and couldn’t have written it better myself. 

Have a happy, healthy and joyful Thanksgiving.

What is the old cliché’, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin, I feel these words are powerful and so very true to form.


Tips to keep kids busy and engage the guests, too.

19 Totally Easy & Inexpensive DIY Thanksgiving Decorations  Make a clear jar, have paper and pencil and have guests write what they are grateful for. Read during dinner or before desert. Let them have time to think about what they would like to put down. Pick a ‘turkey’ to read the first one, that person then reads the next one, and so on.

Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Oh My Creative

Make conversation cards, think of it like charades! Have pre-cut paper and pens available at a separate table and let guests write ideas down. Again, put in a basket and pull out one by one, or pass around the table for each person to choose. Some ideas could be:

  1. My favorite recipe is..
  2. I am grateful for..
  3. My favorite holiday song is..
  4. My favorite memory of Thanksgiving is..
  5. A kitchen fail for the holiday..
  6. Who has the best laugh…
  7. Who has the funniest hair…

Chocolate covered pretzels make fun tail feathers in this easy to make turkey jar.In a mason jar, melt white chocolate, butterscotch and chocolate. Have pretzel rods and sprinkles, let the kids make their own turkey feather…think of a fondu table, you could also do this with fresh fruit, kids love to be involved in cooking and fruit is a healthy option for deserts.

Just for fun, ask the kids how they would cook a turkey, you will laugh, I promise!

thanksgiving turkey made out of fruit - Google Search

Have a craft table for the kids to color at, you can find easy, fun printables online or have a holiday coloring book for them to work in. Have construction paper and they can make turkey feathers, make an Indian headband, kids love to do crafts and be creative.


Kids will enjoy these pilgrim hat crayon cups to get creative on Thanksgiving.

No matter where you roam this holiday season, may it be filled with love, laughter and joy. Choose to make good memories and remember to be kind to one another.

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