Top 10 Lessons on Behavior

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What is the old cliché’, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Teaching a child about what it means to have good behavior isn’t as hard as one might think it is. Especially when we remember that a child is listening to what we say in our conversations, they want to learn from us and they want to be included. Kids don’t come with instructions, it’s up to us, as a parent, grandparent, educator, etc. to be mindful of this. When we remember a few things, you’ll notice your child will become more aware of their own behavior, and when you teach them to make good choices and allow them to think about them, you’re building their confidence in who they are and what they can do. Who knows, they could be the next Behavior Bear!

From the time a child is born, you talk to them, remember to continue to talk to them, not at them. Reading is an essential part of communicating with a child. This opens up dialogue of so many issues and brings up questions you can address with them. Do you think that a child automatically waits his turn, or shares her toys? These are learned behaviors and we want our children to have good behavior. One of the nine Characters of Characters is Behavior Bear and address behavioral issues easy enough for a child to internalize and understand. Our book Let’s Behave is an easy read and makes a great way to open up a discussion on what it means to have good behavior. I am very much a visual learner, with our Bulletin Board and Poster Book you can use these templates to build your own display and remind your children to have good behavior.These books are filled with lessons, templates, stationary on teaching good behavior.

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Keep in mind that children learn differently. As I mentioned above, I’m a visual person. Some may learn from doing activities hands on. For this, how about our Paper Bag Puppet making book of all the characters available on Amazon for only $6.00 Or, maybe your child is musically inclined, our book Tune Into Good Character references all nine of the characters plus musical instruments. A fun activity is at the end of the story where there are blank pages for children to write their own music! This book is also on Amazon for only $10.00 Perhaps your children are into Super Heroes, well guess what, we have a Super Hero Activity Book also available on Amazon  for only $6.00. Does your child like to work in activity books? Available on Amazon is our I Have Character Activity Book for only $6.00 Any of these make great travel companions, gifts and a great addition to the book bin.  .

  1. Talk to your children
  2. Read to your children
  3. Listen to your children
  4. Model for your children
  5. Make a chart what you expect from your child in means of good behavior

For example: Be a good listener, help do chores around the house, let them know what their chores are, explain the concept of taking turns by playing games with them, explain the concept of sharing with others and explain to them what is expected of them in your home. They will follow through as they break out into the community by following the rules, at school, in the car, when you visit family or friends. When a child knows what is expected of them it makes it much easier to expect good behavior. Let them ask questions along the way.

  1. Volunteer with your children when and where you can to help build compassion and understanding of community and the world outside of your home. When the learn that not everyone has the same possessions, some with more, some with less, will help them to  appreciate what they do have and want to help others when they can.
  2. Teach your child that we are all different on the outside, but,the same on the inside. This will help teach them diversity and as they grow they will understand a bit more about the world we live in. My first published book is Will You Be My Friend, we really are no different and a big hit at social workers conferences, also available on Amazon.

8 .Keep in mind that if a child is acting out with poor behavior, most likely there is a reason.       Talk to them, observe them, help them feel comfortable to share with you what has happened during the day. There is a reason for changed behaviors.

  1. Point out to your children when you notice them being a good listener, or helping a friend, or even when following the rules. Acknowledge their good behavior. We have a book of Certificates which are fun to share, even with adults.
  2. Your behavior many times is a reflection of what type of behavior your child will have. We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed, however, if bad behavior continues there may be an underlying issue.

A simple story to introduce each of the Characters of Character is available on Amazon, I Am Character Stories which discuss the traits, are illustrated in full color and the kids love the pictures.

What is the old cliché’, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin,

Joni Downey,
Creator & Owner