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When it comes to painting and being creative with kids, many times the first thing that comes to mind is the mess! Here are some simple tips so you and your kids can get messy from the tips of your nose to the tips of your toes! I found these on Teachers Pay Teachers and thought while all are worthy to share, I chose a few to share with you!

       12 life changing classroom art tricks - create less mess and more art

 Baggie Paint Cup Liners 

So simple and so amazing. Just line your paint cups with a baggie, fill it with paint, snap on the lid, and put the brush in. When you are ready to change out the paints, just wash the brushes and lids. The paint cup will be CLEAN!

When I taught preschool, I always put a squirt of hand soap in the paints to make clean up a little easier on hands, brushes, smocks and faces!

 Keep Glitter in Salt Shakers (or empty sprinkles containers)

I found these plastic salt shakers at the Dollar Tree a year ago and they are amazing! They work great for colored sand, too! If you want less glitter to come out when they shake it, just hot glue a few of the holes closed at the top.

12 life changing classroom art tricks - create less mess and more art

 Paint Tablecloths

Find an old sheet and turn it into a paint tablecloth! When you lift up the tablecloth, all the paint and glue is on the tablecloth and NOT the table. Don’t worry about setting it out to dry. I just fold it up —wet paint and all — and put it on the shelf. It easily pulls apart when you go to use it the next time.

I love the salt shaker idea, you can switch them out with fun colors, holiday themed shakers and just be creative! On Amazon I found these in plastic. I thought the plastic bag idea in the jar is great, too! I found reusable snack bags on Amazon and think you could put your homemade play dough or paints inside for traveling. Or, I actually use empty baby food jars, which are not always easy to find today with all the baby foods in different containers. Save these, too! They make great storage for beads, pom-poms, google eyes and more.

Be a kid again! Make it easy on yourself. Use disposable products for clean up. If you have a local Dollar Store they have plenty of items you’ll benefit from. If you shop Amazon, they also have a lot of great products. Remember, kids have wonderful imaginations, they want to get their feet wet, their hands dirty and feel the world around them. Help them to be creative and put a smile on their face!

What is the old cliché’, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin,



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