Characters of Character is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization whose mission is as follows: “To provide a firm foundation for children to establish strong civic values” and if you have ever spoken with Joni, she often shares that she has a Ph.d., She has Passion, she has Heart and she has Determination to “Make A Difference One Child At A time.”  Please read through some of the testimonials on the website, I think they speak volumes.

We are accomplishing this mission by sharing our characters and resources at community events, workshops, conferences, after school art and social skills club, libraries, summer camps and more. Walking to the train station, my husband and I had on character tee shirts, mine said, DO NOT BULLY and my husbands said, MIND YOUR MANNERS. A mom stopped us, said to her boys, “read this” and pointed to our tee shirts. She thanked us and we went on our way. It’s that simple, a visual reminder is pretty empowering, engaging and can enrich the lives of our children. Remember to be a role model, children are watching what we do, listening to what we say and wanting to be like us when they grow up.

#BehaviorBear#Do‘erDuck,  #FriendshipFrog#HealthyHippo#MannersMonkey#RespectfulRabbit#ResponsibleRabbit#SelfesteemElephant and #WarmHeartedWalrus

The Characters of Character earned a National Promising Practice in 2005 after piloting the characters in an elementary school in Grayslake, Illinois. There were only two schools who earned this in Illinois that year and we are proud to have been one of them. Today, we have published over thirty children’s books, brought the characters to life in costume and continue to make a difference in the life of a child through our stories, activities, art and after school class as well as enriching mommy and me painting classes. One of the values to the Resource Books are the matching Bulletin Board and Posters Books which accompany each of the characters, as well as each character’s Let’s Be social story. All are available on Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble to name a few.

Community Outreach:

The Characters of Character is a labor of love, while Joni does have a Ph.d., she has Passion, Heart and Determination to make these characters a part of the daily language with our children, families and communities. She can not do this alone.

Just like any grass root effort, it takes a village, and we are hoping to find people and businesses who have as much passion and dedication as we do to find a location to call home so that we can provide workshops, classes teaching these values through drama, literacy, art and communications with the community members. Today, Joni travels from location to location, if there were a ‘hub’ people would recognize and more likely participate in these classes which help build a better citizen and community. We are always on the look out for volunteers, please email at anytime.