Responsible Rabbit

Responsible Rabbit is one of nine Characters of Character. By introducing this trait to a child will help them to understand and to internalize the meaning of being responsible. Responsible Rabbit teaches children that being responsible is part of being a good friend, family member and citizen to your community. Responsible Rabbit opens up the discussion of being responsible, what does that mean? When a child can understand that they are responsible for the choices they make, their choices are made with much more thought. Responsible Rabbit says: “BE RESPONSIBLE”.

Responsible Rabbit offers a Resource Book filled with reproducible materials for the parent, educator or caregiver which children find it easy to understand the trait and internalize the character for a lifetime as well along with a social story to reinforce the trait. There is a Bulletin Board Book filled with posters and activities to engage and empower children, and to be used as visual reminders to be of good character.  The Resource Book offers suggestions and activities to do with the children referencing the following:

  • Introducing Responsible Rabbit
  • ‘I Am’ book
  • Stationary for the teacher
  • Being responsible for yourself
  • Being responsible for your belongings
  • Being responsible for the earth
  • Being responsible for my body
  • Being responsible for my pets
  • Being responsible for your role in the family
  • Being responsible to have good character
  • Responsible Rabbit holding a pencil
  • Black & white posters
  • Various worksheets
  • Incentives, evaluations, and notices home
  • Section Fifteen: Journal ideas and writing prompts

These tools can be used as is, as a sticker chart, as a notice home which builds the home to school link, as book covers to create a character journal or build a character center, create a traveling book or just color! They are yours to be creative with and to empower the children around you. How fun

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