Welcome to Characters of Character

Characters of Character

is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization providing tools and resources
to educators and parents to help teach nine positive character traits to children

The traits that Characters of Character

focus on are Behavior, Perserverance, Friendship, Healthy Habits, Manners, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Esteem and Kindness

Our organization has developed

a unique way to reach children and help them internalize the nine
traits that we focus on. Our characters allow children to identify with the traits
correlating with each character.

Meet the Characters


Our Founder

Characters of Character began when Joni, the creator and CEO, was working in a BD/LD classroom of young boys.  These boys had serious behavioral issues and were unable to relate to traits like being polite.  Joni created the nine Characters, Behavior Bear, Do’er Duck, Friendship Frog, Healthy Hippo, Manners Monkey, Respectful Rabbit, Responsible Rabbit, Self-Esteem Elephant, and Warm-Hearted Walrus, as a way for her students to understand, and internalize, the traits that correspond with each Character.

A Recipe For Friendship

Text Books and Life Skills Think about your favorite recipe, and what are the key ingredients? While teaching our children about friendship, this is a nice activity to engage them and to learn about what it means to be a friend. If you can draw, try drawing a large...
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Recipe for Good Character

Text Books and Life Skills What is a recipe? To me, a recipe puts things together, you add, you mix, you chill or bake, using a mixer, a fork or a hook, you build it until it's exactly how you want it to look.Then you hope that the outcome is all you had hoped for and...
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Teaching Healthy Habits

Text Books and Life Skills Healthy Habits are many times hard to come by. When I was growing up I can remember my mom hiding the candy in their bedroom, thinking we wouldn't find it or that we even knew it was there! We could hear the wrappers at night! Now me, I...
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Joni’s Creations: Teaching Kids Responsibility

Responsibility We all have our own opinion on this, I'm going to share mine, no judgement please. Our kids are all grown and doing well for themselves, we're very proud of who they have become. Makes you stop and think how they got that way? In all honesty here, I...
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Joni’s Creations; September is Children’s Good Manners Month

Good Manners September is Children's Good Manners Month. Who would have thought we'd name a month to represent good manners? I mean really, when I was growing up there were only a few months that you knew had something special going on. Now, we have Children's Good...
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