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    Activities to teach character to kids!

    Teaching our kids vital core values can be easy and surely is fun with the Characters of Character. Joni brought Behavior Bear to the Huntley Library to meet some new friends. Look how engaged the kids are making an art activity to reinforce good behavior! Joni asked the kids what color they thought Behavior Bear […]

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    Super Good Behavior!

    I am a Super Hero! Today, I learned about Behavior Bear and what it means to have good behavior. I have good behavior, and that makes me a Super Hero! Thanks Behavior Bear.

  • High Fives for Good Behavior!

    Fun At The Library!

    Behavior Bear made a visit to the Huntley Library! Joni lead the children in a song, a story and a lot of fun activities. The kids loved making Super Hero masks as they are Super Heroes with their Good Behavior. They made a personalized poster and a Behavior Bear puppet. Here the children took turns […]

  • Walking the line!

    The HUMAN RACE and Super Hero Friends!

    The HUMAN RACE is an event that takes place once a year in McHenry County. This event give charities an opportunity to raise funds for their cause. The theme this year was Super Heroes and the Volunteer Center invited the Characters of Character to come on out and cheer on the participants! Joni made Super […]

  • Self-Esteem

    I Like ME!

    The class read the story, Let’s Be Proud starring Self-Esteem Elephant and the discussed what it meant to have self-esteem, to be proud of who we are and what we can do. Listening to one another taught us new things that we did not know about one another. For example, while children spend the academic […]

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    Behavior Bear at the McHenry Expo!

    Behavior Bear is one of the nine animal characters with Characters of Character. The kids loved meeting this character and learning more about him. Behavior Bear is a great reminder to the community to have good behavior.

  • Friendship Frog Puppet

    Teaching friendship with Friendship Frog

    What does it mean to be a friend? What does a friend do? What does a friend say? How does a friend feel? Friendship Frog is one of the nine Characters of Character. Friendship Frog teaches children that friends are honest with each other, that friends can play together, laugh together, walk together, sing together, […]

  • Do'er Duck puppet making activity, "Never Give Up" says Do'er Duck!

    Do’er Duck says: “Never Give Up”

    Teaching children perseverance can be difficult at times. Do’er Duck is just one of the nine Characters of Character. This character says, “Never Give Up” and children can understand this. To persevere at even a simple task can be difficult for some, but, when you say, “Do’er Duck says, Never Give Up” will put a […]

  • Ric, Gayle Sayers and Joni

    Joni meets Gale Sayers

    Thanks to Ric Gruber who is on the Board of Directors for Characters of Character, Joni got to meet Gale Sayers! It was an honor to say the least and what fun it is to meet and learn about others doing good things for our children and communities. The Gale Sayers Foundation had a Fundraiser […]

  • Girl Scouts

    Manners Monkey meets the Girl Scouts

    This month of December, Manners Monkey met with the Junior Scouts who were teaching the Brownies about Girl Scout cookie selling. Manners Monkey spent the afternoon with the girls and discussed the importance of having good manners, using polite words and helping others to use their manners if they forget. Manners Monkey shared the picture […]

  • Megan Janda & Do'er Duck

    Do’er Duck and Megan

    While the Characters of Character were being piloted at an Elementary School in Grayslake, a beautiful 2nd grade girl Megan was in love with the character Do’er Duck! The trait that Do’er Duck represents is Perseverance, this character says: “Never Give Up” and “I Know You Can” which is something that our children need to […]

  • Shelby Hill, Manners Monkey & Self-Esteem Elephant

    Miss Roy Utah

    In 2012, Joni received a phone call from Shelby Hill. Shelby was a high school senior at the time and was running for the title of Miss Roy Utah. She wanted to know if she could use our Characters of Character as her platform because she believes in teaching our young children the importance of […]

  • Jump rope with Self-Esteem Elephant!

    Self-Esteem Elephant at Lombard Community Play Day!

    Self-Esteem Elephant had so much fun at Lombard Community Play Day! These kids wanted to jump rope with Self-Esteem Elephant and this character was so happy to play! You can bring the Characters of Character to your school or community, too! We love meeting new people and places bringing ‘character’ wherever we go!

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    Apples are a part of a healthy diet!

    Healthy Hippo visits Whole Foods in Kildeer. Teaching children about healthy habits is an important trait. Healthy Hippo is one of nine animal characters with Characters of Character and each of them will be visiting the Whole Foods in Kildeer sometime this soon! Keep an eye out for Behavior Bear, Do’er Duck, Friendship Frog, Manners […]

  • Healthy Hippo activity

    Healthy Hippo visits Whole Foods

    Healthy Hippo visits Whole Foods this summer to discuss healthy habits. Whole Foods has all the healthy foods you can imagine! After listening to a story, this dad helps his daughter cut out the Healthy Hippo paper bag puppet she colored. They all did a great job with this! Joni read the story “Let’s Be […]

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    Healthy Hippo visits Whole Foods

    The girls loved meeting Healthy Hippo at Whole Foods in Kildeer this summer! They learned about healthy foods, healthy activities and healty ways to keep their body in good shape, too! A healthy body is as important as a healthy mind.

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    Boxwood Bash 2014

    Each year, Rod and Jan McKenzie and Higher Up Ministries host an amazing community event named Boxwood Bash. The community located in Mt. Prospect enjoy the festivities of the day that so many come out and volunteer their time and talent to bring a good time to the children and families here. Respectful Rabbit shared […]

  • National Night Out
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    National Night Out

    The McHenry Sheriff’s Department and TARGET had teamed up again this summer for National Night Out event on August 5 at Harrison Elementary. This was a great event for the community! The Sheriff’s Department brought in special vehicles for the families to see, the Fire Department had a Fire Truck on hand for the children […]

Letters to Characters

SE travels by bus

WIN a Mini-Van

This is what we’re driving these days! The Characters of Character need your support for a contest to WIN a Mini-van through WGN. All you do is fill in the application before November 15th. While we volunteer in so many communities, we often either bring only one costume or have to rent transportation or depend […]

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